Spring Fling



Sam's Stormy Night
Boom! Bang!
Sam scrambled under his bed.
A pair of yellow eyes stared back at him.
“Stormy! You’re afraid of thunder too?”
“Mom picked the worst name for you.”
Boom! Crash!
“Let’s get out from under the bed, Stormy. It’s dusty.”
Bam! Boom! Crash!
Lightning lit up the room and cast large shadows of Sam and Stormy on the wall.
“Ohhh, cool shadows,” shivered Sam.
With the next bolt of lightning, Sam made a bunny shadow hop across the room. Another flash! Sam made a barking shadow dog. When the room lit up again, Stormy swatted at Sam’s fluttering shadow butterfly. With each new burst, Stormy zoomed after her own shadow.
“Maybe Stormy isn’t such a bad name for you after all.”
Before they knew it, the spring storm had passed. Sam was soon sound asleep, snuggled up with Stormy, who purred as loud as rolling thunder.
Hi all, I spotted this fun Spring Fling writing contest and decided to join in! It's a great exercise in creative play and has some great prizes if you write children's literature! There is still some time to join in if you're interested. The rules are that you have to write a Spring related story inspired by a gif in 150 words or less. You can read all the details here. Good luck to anyone who enters! 


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